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We meet every Wednesday at our Dive Club in Milton Keynes and welcome all divers of all ages and from all agencies. We have a regular Pool session every Tuesday also in Wolverton, Milton Keynes where you can jump in to try out your latest bit of kit or just have a dive about and practice your skills.


Please contact us in advance if you wish to get in the pool so we can organise any equipment you may need, and so we can make sure a divemaster is available to help you.



Equipment and Shop

We have a small shop where we stock dive accessories, masks and snorkels, we also supply a full range of Wet Suits, Regulators, Dry Suits and accessories from Aqualung, ApeksSeac Sub, Dive RiteNorthern Diver and a vast range of Dive equipment and accessories from the manufacturer Beaver,

We are the only Aqualung/Apeks dealer in the area, so if you need any equipment for UK, Technical or holiday diving please come and see us.


If you have any specific requirements please contact us and we will do our best to help you. 

We also book liveaboard and diving holidays for you through BlueOtwo. Please contact us or come into the shop if you are interested in our 2018/19 trips.



Aqualung partner center
Apeks dive center

Dive Club & Shop

Scuba diving in Milton Keynes

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